Say Y-E-S to a healthy lifestyle on Koh Samui

Our Mission

We believe in a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. We see Yoga as an efficient tools to bring about a harmonious synergy between mind and body that can bring with it lifelong health benefits to the average man and woman. Our approach is rooted in the firm belief that Yoga should be accessible to every individual, and our yoga classes are tailored to suit you, no matter your age or body shape. From experience we have learnt that each individual has his/her own goals and dreams, and to that end we use a strategy of direct personal assessment to ensure that your expectations are always aligned with achievable and demonstrable outcomes.

Your Teacher

My name is Chrungchai Leodhuwaphan, but everybody that knows me just calls me Lex. I was born in Bangkok and at the age of 23 I traveled to the United States of America to study English. I was privileged  to experience living on both the East and West coasts of America before finally settling in Philadelphia, where I lived for 13 years. During this time I became fluent in English and naturally assimilated American and Western culture. This is also where I encountered Yoga for the first time. At the time I was fully immersed (or maybe entangled),  in a typical modern, fast-paced lifestyle and the associated stress started to manifest in my own life. Practicing Yoga presented itself as a panacea, one with which I could identify through my own Thai roots. By the time I returned to Thailand and decided to settle in Koh Samui, I, the student, aspired to become a teacher, and I took up the study of Hatha Yoga. Subsequently I obtained my teacher training certificate from Yoga Gita in Bangkok and registered with Yoga Alliance as an instructor. Apart from being a Yoga teacher, I also hold a 3rd-degree black belt in Aikido from Kokikai Aikido in America where I taught Aikido for six years. During this time as an Aikido teacher I honed my skills of assessment, routinely used in Aikido to identify aspirant students strengths and weaknesses, and I have found this to be an invaluable skill that I can apply to teaching Yoga. I am also an avid rock climber and when I need to unwind I head for the nearest mountains to find a rock-face to traverse.


Y-E-S was established on Koh Samui in 2012 and grew from humble beginnings. The first class was taught from Lex's own home with only one student in attendance. In 2013 a purpose built studio was erected which can accommodate up to 12 students at a time.