Say Y-E-S to a healthy lifestyle on Koh Samui

Studio Classes

Studio classes are presented in both morning and evening sessions, simply choose the one to fit your own schedule. Classes last for one hour and our attentive teacher ensures that every student is catered for on an individual basis. No matter if you are a novice or a guru, our teacher will provide the guidance and attention to ensure your steady progress to a healthy lifestyle.

Private Classes

Private session are scheduled in the late morning and early afternoon and can be anywhere on Koh Samui. Yes, you can experience the wonder of Yoga practice in the privacy of your own home. Why not get a few friends to join so you can all have fun and enjoy the benefits of having a personal Yoga teacher together? Private classes are scheduled on a month to month basis with limited time slots available, so please call sooner rather than than later to book your spot to a healthier future.

Corporate Classes

Do you have a hotel or guest house and want to give your guests the luxury of having Yoga classes right there at  your facility? Partner with Y-E-S and provide another premium services to your guests.

These classes can be prearranged on an ad-hoc basis and we can readily teach a class for up to 15 students at a time.

Orientation Classes

At Y-E-S we believe that everybody should give Yoga a chance - to embrace a healthier lifestyle . If you are a complete beginner and want to learn the basics you can arrange with our teacher for free orientation classes at the studio. Remember it's never to late, or to early, to start practicing Yoga and enjoy the lifelong benefits it brings.